A Virus is designed to copy itself and propogate from one computer file to another,usually by attaching itself to program files.


Spyware is programs that collect the information about a person or an organization without that entity’s concent and awareness.


A common name for all software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system.


Rogueware consists of any kind of fake software solution that attempts to steal money from PC users by luring them into paying to remove nonexistence threats.


PC Health Check

Your computer will need regular maintenance to keep it running at its optimum level of performance, it will build up redundant files, unessential programs and get clogged up with dust and other unwanted items. Over time this will lead to reduced efficiency and require your equipment to replaced before its time. The service can be carried in our office or in your home at time to suit you.

Data Protection & Data Recovery

Has your computer experienced system failure? Would you like to retrieve data from the hard disk? Don't hesitate to call us. We will look at the faulty hardware and help to retrieve your files. We can also give you advice about protecting your data in the future.

Virus and Malware Protection

Is your PC behaving erractically? are you are seeing annoying pop-ups? being asked to download software? is yourcomputer runnning slowly? Then call us we can determine whether you are under threat, and if necessary offer you a quick and effectivevirus, spyware and malware cleaning service! We can also give you advice on the most current antivirus and antispyware protection tools particular to your requirements.

Build New Hardware Configuration & Maintenance

Whether you need a completely new system or an upgrade to your existing setup, we can work with your budget to find you the best solution, and in most cases better the price you would pay at retail . In our experience it is always preferable to have a trained engineer on-site to setup and configure your equipment.